TRUGO – Autonomous Connected Seaport Truck

TRUGO uses state of the art sensors such as Velodyne 360 LiDAR sensor for real-time localisation & mapping as well as combination of RADARs and Li DARS with vision cameras to provide robust and reliable 360 sensing, surrounding awareness, and obstacle avoidance in complex weather conditions. It also uses fusion of multiple long and short-range ultrasonic sensors for the safety control to avoid any blind spot. In addition, it supports the remote driver by providing alerts on unseen obstacle in the blind spots as well as it increases the safety by autonomous handling in the case of connection lost from the remote driver.

TRUGO facilitates both remote driving and fully autonomous driving, giving the ability for the truck to be operable in both manual and automatic modes; fully automated, remotely driven or operated by a human driver.

A short overview about the software systems that have been developed for AGVs:

DGR-BCS (Basic Conversion System)

This System is controlling all relevant functions of the TRUGO and makes it possible, to remote control the Truck. Additionally, it monitors all relevant functions and parameters of the Truck. The following functions will be controlled and monitored: Throttle, Brake and the Transmission by Heavy Duty Actuators, connected by CAN.

DGR-ODS (Odometry System)

With this method, it is possible to verify the position of the TRUGO and it will achieve a very high safety standard, as all information must be plausible and will be compared to each other in real-time.

DGR-NS (Navigation System)

The DGR-NS is based on the newest state-of-the-art LIDAR Sensor Technology, to calculate the real position of the ITV without the need to integrate artificial markings (Reflectors, Transponders…) in the Sea Port Terminal.

DGR-CAS (Collision Avoidance System)

The DGR-CAS ensures, that the ITV will not collide with other Trucks, OTR´s or any other vehicle or human being in the Terminal. By using Medium and Short Range Radar (MRR/SRR) Systems and a Vision based obstacle detection we can guarantee the safety in any case of operation.

DGR-VS (Vision System)

The DGR-VS has multiple tasks in an autonomous driven Truck and will be mainly used for the Traffic Management and to verify information from the DGR-NS and the DGR-CAS. Additional it will provide also the Video Signal for the DGR-RCD (Remote Control Desk) and will give the remote Operator a complete surround view of the Truck.

DGR-DRS (Digital Radio System)

Our DGR-DRS was designed to provide the range and signal integrity of an Analog system while achieving bi-directional TCP/IP communication

Encryption and Security:

The digital systems use a secure wireless private connection so video and data feed cannot be intercepted.

Data and Video Transfer:

Data transfer is Two-Way (Bidirectional). The data will be sent to the ITV´s, the ITV´s then responds back to the remote. Using this method confirms data transmission and can also be used to provide the actual position and all Status and Fault Diagnostic information of the ITV to the Remote and the TOS System.


Digital Radios are offering a great performance compared with Wi-Fi or Analog system. Typical ranges will be 1000 ft. to 1 mile, but with High Gain antennas used on the Truck´s, the range will be increased. Repeaters will be used to extend the range in the environment of a Seaport Terminal and to make sure, that no blind spots are remaining.

Seaports, Logistics, Warehousing.

DigiRobotics can convert any type of vehicle and any brand to driverless AGV.


TRUGO – The First of its kind Truck Conversion within the UAE, with complete Autonomous & Driverless movement within a pre-defined area.

TRUGO is bespoke built based on WP World requirements. It is the first seaport Truck which is operated by DROS Plus which is the most advanced autonomous and remote-handling systems to facilitates effective and efficient seaport transportations to operate with other human-driven Trucks within supervised premises. TRUGO is built with intension of easy to fit conversion kit and this can be applied any other vehicles such as Bus by plug and play integration which is modular to support different engines and transmission configuration.