PRINTBOT – Large scale 3d printer with 6 axis printing.

Digi Robotics is proud to introduce new innovations in largescale 3d-printer – PrintBot of important key features of PrintBot – large scale 3d printer with 6 axis printing option and dual head extruder with 0,8 mm nozzle for most fast 3d printing and 0,2 mm nozzle for high-quality finishing. DigiRobotics created a very cost- effective 3-d printing robot that can easily produce 3mx3mx2m complex shape figure with better quality and speed. PrintBot makes it easy for end users to work with any type of filament, will it be wood, PLA, ABS, or Nylon. PrintBot provides an ideal solution for a range of business operators who require regular, reliable large scale 3d printing, such as e-sellers, retail outlets and healthcare providers.

PrintBot is the ultimate performance class for shelf-mounted robots. Extremely powerful, extremely stiff and precise, and yet just as streamlined and barely heavier than the shelf-mounted robots of the prime class. For cycle times up to 25% shorter, maximum path accuracy and high energy efficiency even in the high payload ranges. With a payload capacity of 120 kg and reach of 3,900 mm, the KR 120 R3900 ultra K redefines maximum performance for shelf-mounted robots.


Payload                                                                       120 kg

Supplementary payload                                              50 kg


Working envelope

Max. reach                                                                  3901 mm


Other data and variants

Number of axes                                                           6

Repeatability                                                               ±0,06 mm

Weight                                                                        1221 kg

Mounting positions                                                     Floor

Controller                                                                    KR C4

Protection class                                                           IP 65

PrintBot as large scale 3D-printer can be used in below industries:

Aerospace & Defense. Wind tunnel models to production parts.

Architecture. Beautiful and durable models.

Automotive. Tough parts, precision.

Commercial Products.

Consumer. Products.

Digital Dentistry.



KR 30-3

The KR 30-3 is a masterful mover with a fist-shaped work envelope, and is ideal for the implementation of cost-effective, space-saving system concepts.


Payload                                                                                   30 kg

Supplementary payload                                                          35 kg

Working envelope

Max. reach                                                                              2033 mm

Other data and variants

Number of axes                                                                       6

Repeatability                                                                           <±0,06 mm

Weight                                                                                    665 kg

Mounting positions                                                                 Floor, ceiling

Controller                                                                                KR C4