In corporation with KUKA – Germany, DigiRobotics Company is Proud to introduce the 1st Robotic Painting Solutions for Big and Medium Size Companies of Cars, Furniture, Interior Decoration Companies with the following specifications and Features:
1- DigiRob KR210P with Arm Reach of 2.7m or DigiRob KR120 with Arm reach of 3,9m.
2- A various options of the Spray Guns for all kind of Primers, Paints and with 4 Different Guns so you can Paint 4 different colors at the same time.
3- With an Option of Adding up a Sand Blast Grinding Head for Smooth service before the Paint or Polishing Head as well after the paint.
4- We can provide it with the Full Painting Booth includes the Drying, Exhaust and Ventilation System.
5- Also we can add an Auto Paint Mixer System to complete the Production Line.
6- We have Full Software Solution to Design All kind of Jobs and Simulate it before the Painting job start to confirm the Final Result and the Design before the jobs starts.
7- Also we can provide you with a Library for all the Cars Models 3D Designs to make your work easier.
8- We have Also 3D Laser Scanner to Scan All kind of Cars Old, New, Modified and Crashed to get the exact design and colors.
9- We can provide working areas up to 2.7×2.7x14m (Width, Height, and Length) to cover all sizes of Cars, Trucks, and Buses.
10- Full Automatic and Computerized Control System from A-Z to guarantee the speed, the high quality and less Labor Cost.


1- High Speed of Production.
2- High Quality of the Painting Job.
3- Much Lower Wastage.
4- Constant Layers of Paint all around the Car.
5- More Environmental Friendly System.
6- Less Manual Process.
7- Reduce the Skilled People Requirements.
8 – 24/7 Running System with the Minimum Manpower Requirements.
9- Same Painting and Colors Quality for All the Companies Cars if they have many and need the same designs.


Robot Model: Robot KUKA KR Quantic (Germany).

Controller: KRC4 Controller with Smart-Pad.

System: Delcam Powermill 7 Axis & Robot Interface (UK).

Painting Gun: Multi-Functional Painting Guns for Primer, Paint, Fiber Glass

Paint Mixer: Automatic Paint Mixer.

Working Area: 2700 mm x 2700 mm x 2700 mm / 3900mm x 3900mm x 3900 mm

Rotary table: 1000KG Plywood with co-ordinate motion system

Max. Speed: 2250 mm/s

Applications: Cars, Furniture, Decoration Painting

Network: TCP / IP

Weight: about 1500KG

Integration: Includes cell design, configuration set up, wiring and testing prior to delivery

Aviation industry, industrial manufacturing, automobile industry

1. Linear Rack of 3m or 5m or 7m.
2. High precision aluminum worktable 25mm for use with vacuum with variable Working Areas.
3. Artec EVA 3D Laser Scanner.
4. KUKA KR120 for Longer Arm Reach of 3900mm x 3900mm x 3900mm

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