The LogiBot transports all kind of products between different production areas. It is CE- and safety-certified for interaction with people. The robust full-metal framework and hull make it suitable for all industrial environment.

The load handling device can be adjusted in height and is interchangeable, passive version or according to your specific needs, for example, with a weights up to 1300kg, these modular platforms can easily adjust the load handling. Height adaptable and interchangeable up to 1000 mm with speeds up to 2m/s, the LogiBot Express transports your goods in a fast and dynamic way. When the battery level drops under a configurable threshold, it will charge automatically at a charging station.

Height : 550mm

Length :657mm

Width :582mm

Weight (unloaded) :90kg

Maximum working load :50kg/100kg

Container dimensions :Up to 600mm x 400mm

Load/unload height :500mm to 1000mm

Load securing finger: Yes

Speed :up to 2.0m/s

Speed backward :0.3m/s

Communication :WiFi

Laser scanner :yes

Energy management :LiFePO4, rechargeable

Battery charging :Floor contacts | docking station

Warehouse logistics, material handling operation, factory automation, industrial

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