Advantages of DILOGI EXPRESS:

  • To suppress rising labour costs
  • To do jobs that people can’t or don’t want to do
  • To full fill tasks that require immense precision and immaculate timing
  • To simplify complex supply chains and connect networks
  • Higher efficiency in logistics
  • Perfect high-tech solution for any big factory, warehouse, and logistic company.

DILOGI EXPRESS Specification:

Height                                     550mm

Length                                    657mm

Width                                      582mm

Weight                                    90kg

Maximum working load        50kg/100kg

Container dimensions            Up to 600mm x 400mm

Load/unload height               500mm to 1000mm

Load securing finger              Yes

Speed                                      up to 2.0m/s

Speed backward                     0.3m/s

Communication                     Wi – fi

Laser scanner                         Yes

Energy Management             LifePO4, rechargeable

Battery Charging                   Floor contacts/docking station

DILOGI EXPRESS is created for smart warehouse management applications.

DILOGI EXPRESS is CE- and safety-certified for interaction with people and can be customised upon customer request.


The load handling device can be adjusted in height and is interchangeable, passive version or according to your specific needs. for example, with a weight up to 1300kg, these modular platforms can easily adjust the load handling.


DILOGI EXPRESS’ height is adaptable and interchangeable of up to 1000mm with speeds up to 2m/s, the DILOGI EXPRESS transports your goods in a fast and dynamic way. When the battery level drops under a configurable threshold, it will charge automatically at a charging station.


DigiRobotics’ smart warehouse management fleet

  • Highly precise, modern, safe, and fully automated vehicle for a logistic purpose.
  • DILOGI EXPRESS is a perfect solution to reduce costs and improve performance and it brings automation in logistics on a new level and frontiers.
  • DILOGI EXPRESS improves safety, by adapting to changes in warehouse conditions and avoids obstacles with more diligence and precision than human drivers.
  • Dual-task for our DILOGI EXPRESS is easy work, when fully programmed DiLogi Express does the driving for us and robot perform placing of items we can concentrate on other activities and save a time.
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication through DigiRobotics Navigation System optimises the movements of DILOGI EXPRESS through convoying and allowing higher speeds.
  • DigiRobotics Navigation System will include 3D-mapping of the warehouse (factory) through this program DILOGI EXPRESS will performs its everyday duties; advanced perception systems on-board of DILOGI EXPRESS makes it easy to control; a modern control system on UAV for monitoring tasks, and cooperative infrastructure laser scanners and solar batteries as an option make DILOGI EXPRESS a user-friendly car in any facility.
  • When the battery level drops under a configurable threshold, it will charge automatically at a charging station. Other charging options like opportunity charging are available. Further options include ESD-compatibility as well as additional scanners for enhanced perception.