FloorBot by its precision sensors system tracks where the clean areas or no clean areas are, so it doesn’t miss a spot. Programmable as the facility requires, it can clean the full area by one mopping round or two or three times so it depends on the software and the defined timing for each mopping round. To avoid all the obstacles or the passes-by and by considering all the safety issues, we amounted A specialized sensor system emit pulses, make the FloorBot stops immediately and then the control and maneuvering unit start measuring the right corner and change the direction of the wheels and then move the FloorBot, with extra feature of calculating object distances. The system in turns warns the Program by sending an alarm signal to prepare to maneuver around the object.

Urgent Conditions and call for duty feature, FloorBot is pre-programmed to respond for an urgent conditions and calls. All The Time in Malls, Airports or any public area someone by mistake splits his drink, so the floor will be wet till the supervisor send a duty alarm to the nearest FloorBot to an urgent task, in this case the Connected FloorBot will run immediately by its local GPS System to the area where the wet floor is. Will Go directly and make its task and clean the area there, after that by the saved last location app will go back again to its previous site and automatically continue its tracking to the pre-programmed floor plan.

Controller: Digi Robotics Navigation System
Dimension : Length*width*height: 2150 * 1750 * 2020 (mm)
Max. Driving Speed: 8 Km/h
Working Speed: 7 Km/h
Weight: 690 Kg
Max. Charging Time: 4 hours
Continuous Running Time: 6 to 8 hours (Normal Temperature)
Power: 36 V Battery
Turning Radius: 1200mm
Climbing Ability: <20% Cleaning Width: 1) Main Brush + Double inner brushes 1350mm 2) Main Brush + Double inner brushes + Side outer brush 1550mm 3) Main Brush + Double inner brushes +Double outer brushes 1750mm Cleaning Area: 10000 m²/h Volume of waste container: 150 L Charging Method: Solar panel sheet for the Outdoor use and Electrical Charging for the Indoor use.

Factories, malls, airports, theme parks, exhibition centers.

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