DIFIRE – World’s First Autonomous Robotic Firefighter

  • DIFIRE is the world’s first autonomous robotic firefighter. With its smart GPS built-in system, DIFIRE processes the location of the fire with immaculate haste and precision; routing itself to the shortest path possible all whilst avoiding obstacles.
  • A free-motion based movement is enabled using motion sensors and cameras that detect objects and people.
  • DIFIRE can detect fire alarms both inside and outside the facility, from being equipped with cameras and thermal sensors. DIFIRE moves to the affected location to extinguish the fire in minutes.
  • DIFIRE’s robotic arm performs as a fire hose that extinguishes fire within minutes.
  • Using A.I. technologies, the system sprays water to deactivate smoke.

Many benefits of using an artificial intelligence system in firefighting duty like immediate stop pumping the water as soon as the smoke and the fire have been deactivated. We know that the response speed will be less than 3 minutes depending on the building size and the distance which DiFire will travel to start dealing with the fire. All devices and equipment are designed from unique materials to be protected from the heat and combustion and can bear up till 300 ° C.

DiFire Specifications:

Controller                                Digi Robotics Navigation System

System                                    KR 16

Dimension                               Length*width*height: 3970 * 1490 * 1950 (mm)

Max. Driving Speed                30 Km/h

Weight                                     1000 kg

Payload Weight                       600 kg

Max. Charging type                8 to 10 hours

Contineous Running Time       6 to 8 hours (Normal Temperature)

Power                                      48 V Battery, DC, 200 Ah

Spray Options                         Water or Dry Chemical (Soft Powder)

Max. Water raising capacity   40m

Turning Radius                        Minimum Turning Radius 6m.

Climbing Ability                      < 20%

Max. Braking distance at a speed of 20Km/h                < 4

Charging Method                     Solar panel sheet for the Outdoor use and Electrical Charging for the Indoor use.

DIFIRE solution can be used in any big venues, like airports, shopping malls, warehouses, logistic and exhibition centres.

DIFIRE can be based on Omnimove platform depends on customer requirements.


The 1st Robotic Fire Fighting System in the World. Before anyone even notice the Smoke the Fire Bot will be on the way to the source of the fire.

DIFIRE detects the Fire Alarm anywhere inside the Building or outside by its Local and international GPS System and Moves automatically to the desired spot and then detect the Fire and the heat source and deal with it. Equipped with the latest motion sensors, thermal cameras and more it can move freely between the people or objects to reach the destinations. As Soon as the fire occurs in one specific place the alarm signal will be sent to the DIFIRE’s software that there is an urgent condition in specific area, by its Local GPS System will take the shortest route and head directly to the fire spot and via the robotic arm which will be acting the same role of the fire hoses with many extra benefits will deactivate the fire within minutes. DIFIRE equipped with cameras and thermal sensor to determine the fire place, and head to it.