DITRASH – Ultimate Autonomous Trash Robot

With a unique solar panel roof, DiTrash runs on purely renewable energy; an eco-friendly autonomous vehicle.

DiTrash Specifications


Controller                                       Digi Robotics Navigation System

System                                              KR16

Dimension: Length*width*height   Length*width*height: 3880 * 1480 *

Max. Driving Speed                       30 Km/h

Weight                                                 1000kg

Payload Weight                                400kg

Max. Charging Time                       8 to 10 Hours                         

Continuous Running Time           6 to 8 hours (Normal Temperature)

Power                                                     48 V Battery, DC, 200 Ah     

Turning Radius                                   Minimum Turning Radius 6m.

Climbing Ability                                   <20%

Max. Braking distance at a speed of 20Km/h   <4m

Charging Method                                 Solar panel sheet for the Outdoor use and Electrical Charging for the Indoor use.

DiTrash is created to be used in public areas, like parks, however can be a good option to add for smart factory automation.

DiTrash can be modified upon customer requirements.


The DiTrash is the ultimate robotic garbage and trash collecting system to empty the trash bins everywhere in the facilities on regular basis without much manpower or delay.

By the ultrasonic label sensors which will be amounted to the trash bin and as soon as the trash inside the bin has reached the pre-established label level, the sensor will send a signal to the DiTrash program with details about a full trash bin and its location with the shortest route to reach the desired area as soon as possible. DiTrash is specialized with 3D vision system recognizes the bin, laser scanner and ultrasound sensors for obstacle avoidance if there is anything around the bin when DiTrash arrives the goal and by using a robotic arm provided with special kind of grippers could carry till 15 kilograms, it lifts the plastic bag from the trash bin then throw it inside the DiTrash tank which is corresponding the health conditions. Replace the full trash plastic paper with an empty one, and make this process repeatedly as soon as the trash bin is full, in this case we can reduce the delay timing and all the accumulated trash by using an artificial intelligence system.