The PowerCut® 900 is a multipurpose 60 amp plasma cutting system for mechanized cutting. The PowerCut® 900 uses ESAB’s Smart Plasma concept to provide a plasma cutting console that is ideal for a variety of mechanized cutting applications. Equipped with the patented PT-37 torch, the PowerCut® 900 cuts up to 1/2” inch mild steel using air as the plasma and shielding gas. Utilizing a blowback start and an electronically controlled pilot arc the Powercut® 900 sets a new standard for starting reliability, cutting characteristics and consumable life.

Utilizes a “drawn arc” to initiate the cut which eliminates high frequency interference from the starting circuits.
Electronically controlled pilot arc provides for consistent starting and longer consumable life.
High operating voltages are ideal for demanding mechanized cutting applications.
Includes a full CNC interface with Arc Voltage Height Control support.
Built in line conditioner protects against damage from power line noise and spikes, even with poor quality power.
Digital Readout Display shows help codes to assist in troubleshooting errors, minimizing downtime.
Automatic fan control only runs the cooling fan when necessary, conserves energy and reduce dust and dirt inside the console.
Built-in power line conditioner protects against damage from power line noise and spikes, even with poor-quality power

3 Ph Output : 60 Amps @ 125V – 60% Duty Cycle
3 Ph Input: 208/230 VAC 60 Hz, 28/23 A
400 VAC 50/60 Hz, 14A
460 VAC 60 Hz, 12 A
Cutting Capacity: Cuts up to 1/2” (13 mm)
Dimensions: 12.7”W x 14.9”H x 24.8”D (322mm x 379mm x 630mm)
Weight: 78 lbs (35.4 kg)
Min. Air Requirements: 500 cfh @ 90 psig (236 l/min @ 6.2 bars)


Robot Model: Robot KUKA KR Quantic (Germany).

Controller: KRC4 Controller with Smart-Pad.

System: Delcam Powermill 7 Axis & Robot Interface (UK).

Power Cut: Esab PC 650Watt

Working Area: 2700 mm x 2700 mm x 2700 mm 3900 mm x 3900 mm x 3900 mm

Rotary Table: 1000KG Plywood with co-ordinate motion system

Max. Speed: 2250 mm/s

Applications: Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Iron

Weight: about 1500KG

Network: TCP / IP

Integration: Includes cell design, conjuration set up, wiring and testing prior to delivery

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1. Linear Rack of 3m or 5m or 7m.
2. High precision aluminum worktable 25mm for use with vacuum with variable Working Areas
3. Artec EVA 3D Laser Scanner.
4. External Rotary Table: 2000KG Plywood with coordinate motion system
5. KUKA KR120 for Longer Arm Reach of 3900mm x 3900mm x 3900mm

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