With 16 basic robot types, various special models and versatile mounting options, the four product lines – pro, extra, prime and ultra – are ushering in the standard of the future.The KR 210 R2700 prime robot is also available as the special variant Foundry (F) for environments with a high degree of fouling and high temperatures.

Furthermore, all robots of the KUKA QUANTEC series have the same connection dimensions for tools and the same footprint. The advantages: maximum flexibility and versatility.

KR C4 – The Control System of the Future

More powerful, safer, more flexible, and above all more intelligent. The revolutionary concept of the KR C4 provides a solid foundation for the automation of tomorrow.

It reduces costs in automation for integration, maintenance and servicing. The long-term efficiency and flexibility of the systems are increased at the same time. For this reason, KUKA has developed a new ground-breaking, clearly-structured system architecture that concentrates on open and powerful data standards. In this architecture, all integrated controllers – from Safety Control, Robot Control and Motion Control to Logic Control and Process Control – have a joint database and infrastructure which they use and share intelligently. For maximum performance, scalability and flexibility.

Touch Screen. Graphic Support. Flexible Interaction

The more diverse the robots’ abilities become, the greater the importance of intuitive user interfaces for operation. The new KUKA smartPAD brilliantly demonstrates on a large anti reflection touch screen just how simple it can be. Intelligent, interactive dialogues provide the user with those operator control elements that are currently required. This makes work easier, faster, more efficient, and simply smarter all-round.

Robot Model: Robot KUKA KR Quantic (Germany).

Controller: KRC4 Controller with Smart-Pad.

System: Delcam Powermill 7 Axis & Robot Interface (UK).

Spindle: HSD 7,5 kw Spindle with Built in High Power Coolant System (Italy)

Working Area: 1600mm x 1600mm x 1600 mm/ 2700 mm x 2700 mm x 2700 mm / 3900 mm x 3900 mm x 3900 mm

Rotary Table: 1000KG Plywood with co-ordinate motion system

Max. Speed: 2250 mm/s

A.T.C: Automatic Tool Changer with 6 Position

Tool Holder: 6 Sets of Tool Holders and Collets

Applications: Wood, Foam, Plastic, Aluminium, Sand Casted Mold, PET

Weight: about 1500KG

Network: TCP / IP

Integration: Includes cell design, conjuration set up, wiring and testing prior to delivery

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1. Linear Rack of 3m or 5m or 7m.
2. High precision aluminum worktable 25mm for use with vacuum with variable Working Areas
3. Artec EVA 3D Laser Scanner.
4. External Rotary Table: 2000KG Plywood with coordinate motion system
5. KUKA KR120 for Longer Arm Reach of 3900mm x 3900mm x 3900mm

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