* Robotics is a multi-disciplinary tool that is being increasingly used by over 5000 schools worldwide to motivate, excite and inspire children about math and science.

* Robotics inspires students to make connections across several disciplines rather than learning topics in isolation as it combines mechanical, electronic, electrical and programming skills.

Students are motivated to learn by creating their own robotic devices, while at the same time gain a deeper understanding of interdisciplinary fields of study. In addition, robotics appeals to a broad range of students and allows multiple points of access to science and technology for a variety of learners.

* Robotics is already playing a very pivotal and cutting edge role in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, avionics, medicine, defense, automobile, and entertainment to name a few.

* As technology becomes increasingly important in today’s world, it is invaluable to not only learn how to use technology, but also to understand how to create it. Technology is the future and today’s kids are tomorrow’s technologists. Give your students the robotics experience of learning. and allows multiple points of access to science and technology for a variety of learners.

Benefits of robotics education:

  • Teaches through discovery (Cause and Effect learning)
  • Numeracy Competence with numbers and measures
  • Gives visual grasp of math and science
  • Builds logical thinking
  • Helps in absorbing future technologies
  • Brings out innovation and creativity
  • Enhances problem solving skills
  • Develops teamwork
  • Self-Management

Automotive Industry – Robots in the automotive industry are largely used as assembly line workers. With precision programming and steel-reinforced strength, robot arms could piece togather major auto body parts in seconds. They can do some jobs that would have normally required two or three human beings to complete in minutes.

By using a robot, auto companies reduce the risk of heavy parts falling on humans. Since robots are tireless, it costs a company less to assemble a vehicle. At first people thought that entire auto assembly could be done by robots. But there is always a need for human technicians. Also, the cost of some robots to do minor assembly or quality control would be not as efficient as hiring a human being to do it.

Robots in space most famously, robots are used to explore the atmospheres and surfaces of other planets and robots used in creating a space ships.

Government use The government likes to use robots to replace human beings when it comes to extreme danger. Robots are often used by the military to handle explosive ordinance situations. If there is a suspected bomb in a facility that is difficult to enter, a robot with a camera can be used to get inside that building and, in some cases, actually disassemble or move the explosive. For search and rescue, robots can get inside building ruins and “sniff out” living humans by using infrared cameras and heat sensors. Robots can even hunt mines lurking in the water. As you can see, robots play an important part in our everyday lives. Instead of replacing human beings, robots save them.

Summer robotics camp will be great idea to held in Dubai. Several national summer camp programs include robotics as part of their core curriculum, including Digital Media Academy, RoboTech, and Cybercamps. In addition, youth summer robotics programs are frequently offered by The Tech Museum of Innovation in Silicon Valley, CA, just to name a few. An educational robotics lab also exists at the IE &mgmnt Faculty of the Technion. This worldwide experience and wish of Digimatrix technologies can bring a wonderful opportunity to improve in modern robotics technologies for local students.

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