CAFEBOT –  The 1st Fully Robotic Cafe Shop

The CafeBot restaurant is a wonderful choice of delicious snacks, along with high service from out Bots waitress who not going to demand any tips from you. Your imagination and tastes are highly respected by CafeBot as you will create your favourite burger by yourself by placing ingredients order on touch screen interactive table board which keeps track of and displays the most ordered burgers. The options at CafeBot are endless with several different buns to choose from, the choice of a beef, turkey, veggie, or salmon patty, and your sweet tooth will be satisfied with countless different scoops of ice-cream such as chill mango, avocado, and mac and cheese.

You can have an incredible feeling by watching Waitress Bots dancing, waving their arms and serving orders in opposite directions. When everything is eaten, and cleaned by our Bots, click on the button of the Bill and Robot will bring you a receipt.

LBR iiwa                                LBR iiwa 7 R800                                LBR iiwa 14 R820

Rated payload                                     7 kg                                                     14 kg

Number of axes                       7                                                          7

Wrist variant                           In-line wrist                                        In-line wrist

Mounting flange A7               DIN ISO 9409-1-A50                         DIN ISO 9409-1-A50

Installation position                any                                                      any

Positioning accuracy (ISO 9283) ± 0.1 mm                                       ± 0.1 mm

Axis-specific torque accuracy ± 2 %                                                  ± 2 %

Weight                                    23.9 kg                                                29.9 kg

Protection rating                     IP 54                                                    IP 54

CafeBot is a robotic cafeteria that is created to serve customers in food and beverages industry

KUKA Sunrise Cabinet


Processor                                                                     Quad-core processor

Hard drive                                                                   SSD

Interfaces                                                                    USB, Ether Net, DVI-I

Protection rating                                                         IP20

Dimensions (D x W X H)                                           500 mm x 483 mm x 190 mm

Weight                                                                        23 kg