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SelfieCar has been Created and developed in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai to help all the Handicapped, Access Abilities and disabled people to make their daily life easier and turn any impossible to possible. By Using Selfie Car you can reach your destination without any help or guide.

Why Selfie Car?

Selfie Car is very easy to be used by any kind of disability, for the Screen’s interface they can communicate with many options: voice, signals, special typing methods, any spoken language, etc… Google maps app for the GPS System with specialty of considering the shortest route, Full sensor System for avoiding the obstacles and smartly changing the path. SelfieCar is specialized of its light weight and small shape to be used in the big buildings and public Areas like Airports, Sea Ports, Malls, Universities, etc…


Selfie Car’s Main Goals to achieve are to integrate handicap’s lives, Enabling Communities, in addition to help them to reach their desired destination without any reliance on, waiting nor any efforts.


  • Controller : Digi Robotics Navigation System Control
  • System : Panel Touch Screen
  • Dimensions : Length*width*height: 2338 * 1396 * 1454 (mm)
  • Max. Driving Speed : 85 Km/h
  • Working speed : 80 Km/h
  • Weight : Max. Loading Capacity with Passengers 690 Kg
  • Max. Charging Time : 2 hours 6 to 8 hours (Normal Temperature)
  • Power : 220 V Battery
  • Turning Radius : Minimum Turning Radius 6m.
  • Climbing Ability : <20%
  • Max. Braking Distance at the speed of 20 KM/h : <4m
  • Capacity of passengers : 2 Seats availability.
  • Options : Spinning Chair for easy access to Selfie Car, Scissor Doors for the wheel chair disabilities for easing their movement to get in and out of the Selfie Car.