Digirob Processor

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For Handling and Moving Products and Items in
the Production Line

Digi Robotics is providing Full Package Solutions by combining different models of Robots and Machines and technologies to develop the current Production Lines to achieve the High Speed, Quality, Safety, with Automation condition to reduce the Manpower, Breakdowns and guarantee the 24/7 Production time.Repeated Productions Process and Steps which requires Minimum Skilled Labors to move objects or Items around, is highly researched and attempted find out solutions for the customers requirements. Additionally, solutions are designed based on jobs which requires hard conditions of work dealing with extreme high temperature or dangerous Fumes or Gasses that might come out during the process.

The specifications of the robots in such cases is designed as per to requirements.


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Mobile heavy-duty platforms, transport systems for internal logistics
or flexible production assistants

• A neologism of omnidirectional movement
• Describes the drives characteristics
• enables unlimited maneuverability
• Allows movements ( longitude , cross , diagonal)

Key Features

• Unlimited Maneuverability
• Reduction of logistic area ( – more production area)
• No special floor preparation ( standard concrete)
• No wear of the floor
• Move large-scale components safely and conveniently up to 90 Tons
• Available in different Sizes and Payloads
• Utmost precision and simple operator control




LogiBot – is unmanned vehicle integrated together with KR30 Kuka robot as a safe eco-friendly advanced self-driven car for loading, offloading, picking, placing items in warehouses.

LogiBot is highly precise, modern, safe and fully automated vehicle for a logistic purposes. LogiBot is a perfect solution to reduce costs and improve performance and it brings automation in logistics on a new level and frontiers. LogiBot improves safety, by adapting to changes in warehouse conditions and avoids obstacles with more diligence and precision than human drivers. Dual-task for our UAV LogiBot is easy work. When fully programmed LogiBot does the driving for us and robot perform placing of items we can concentrate on other activities and save a time. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication through DigiRobotics Navigation System optimizes the movements of LogiBot through convoying and allowing higher speeds.

DigiRobotics Navigation System will include 3D-mapping of the warehouse (factory) through this program LogiBot will performs its everyday duties; advanced perception systems on-board of LogiBot makes it easy to control; a modern control system on UAV for monitoring tasks, and cooperative infrastructure laser scanners and solar batteries as an option make LogiBot a user-friendly car in any facility.


DigiRobotics technologies develop this solution to succeed in few goals:

  • To quell rising labor costs
  • To do jobs that people can’t or don’t want to do
  • To fulfill tasks that require immense precision and immaculate timing
  • To simplify complex supply chains and connect networks
  • Higher efficiency in logistics
  • LogiBot is perfect high-tech solution for any big factory, warehouse and logistic company.