Digirobotics Bag Bot

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1 Million Tons of Bags are being handled manually per year in a large airport (ca. 50 Mio Pax/y) like Dubai, Amsterdam, Singapore or Denver. One bag handler typically loads 400 bags per shift


• Loading units: – AKE, AKH, AKN, DPE – various carts – configurable – extendible
• Filling degree: – 80-90% (containers) – 100% (carts)
• Bags: 50 kg 100 x 95 x 80 cm all conveyable bags
• Performance: – tech. cycle time: 15s – up to 200 bags/hour


•Bag Measurement
•Determination of shape, size, position and orientation of next bag, using 2 synchronized IR Laser Scanners
•Determination of bag volume:
•Bounding Box
•Real Volume


• Standard 6-axis-industry robot:
• used in huge number is various industries for many years excellent reliability, repeatability, precision in heavy production environments
• enhanced applicability through use sensor / vision technologies
• 7th axis for increased flexibility during take-over


• Measurement of load status after each loading cycle:
• positioning result not (exactly) predictable, as bags may sink in, slide, tilt, …


Efficiency & Cost Reduction:
• Throughput per baggage handler increases: by a factor of 2.5 – 3.5
• Operational cost per bag decreases: typical example: 0.70 $ (manual) 0.30 $ (automated)

Health & Ergonomics:

• Workplace regulation (e.g. EU 90/269/EWG)
• Reduced physical stress for workers

reduced indirect cost (sick days, early retirement)

availability of staff / demographic evolution of workforce

• acceptance by employees / workers’ council

Space Consumption:

• Reduction of 60% – 70% per throughput



The 1st Robotic Fire Fighting System in the World. Before anyone even notice the Smoke the FireBot will be on the way to the source of the fire.

FireBot detects the Fire Alarm anywhere inside the Building or outside by its Local and international GPS System and Moves automatically to the desired spot and then detect the Fire and the heat source and deal with it. Equipped with the latest Motion Sensors, Thermal Cameras and more it can move freely between the people or objects to reach the destinations. As Soon as the Fire occurs in one specific place the Alarm signal will be sent to the FireBot’s software that there is an urgent condition in specific area, by its Local GPS System will Take the shortest route and head directly to the fire spot and via The Robotic arm which will be acting the same role of the fire hoses with many extra benefits will deactivate the fire within minutes.

FireBot equipped with cameras and thermal sensor to determine the fire place, and head to it. Many Benefits of Using an Artificial Intelligence system in Fire Fighting Duty like immediate stop pumping the water as soon as the smoke and the fire have been deactivated. We expect that the response speed will be less than 3 minutes depending on the building size and the distance which FireBot will travel to start dealing with the fire. All Devices and equipment are designed from unique materials to be protected from the heat and combustion and can bear up till 300 ° C.


  • Controller: Digi Robotics Navigation System
  • System: KR 16
  • Dimension: Length*width*height:  3970 * 1490 * 1950 (mm)
  • Max. Driving Speed: 30 Km/h
  • Weight: 1000 Kg.
  • Payload Weight: 600 Kg.
  • Max. Charging Time: 8 to 10 Hours
  • Continuous Running Time: 6 to 8 hours (Normal Temperature)
  • Power: 48 V Battery, DC, 200 Ah
  • Spray Option: Water or Dry Chemical (Soft Powder)
  • Max. Water raising capacity: 40m
  • Turning Radius: Minimum Turning Radius 6m.
  • Climbing Ability: <20%
  • Max. Braking distance at a speed of 20Km/h: <4m
  • Charging Method: Solar panel sheet for the Outdoor use and Electrical Charging for the Indoor use.



To explore possible robot tasks in daily life, we developed a guide robot for a Public Area and conducted a field trial with it. The robot was designed to interact naturally with customers and to affectively provide useful information.

The First Unmanned Taxi In the UAE has been manufactured,  assembled, Programmed and tested to be qualified to be used by the visitors to the Malls, Airports, Universities, Exhibitions or any public areas. It was also designed to repeatedly interact with people to build a connection; since a Public Area is a place people repeatedly visit, it provides the chance to explicitly design a robot for multiple interactions. TaxiBot is applied with the most brilliant GPS tracking System to recognize all the indoor and outdoor areas, by using either the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location or the local positioning system which would be preprogrammed to recognize the vehicle location and so on the fixed destinations’ location.

To avoid all the obstacles or the passes-by and by considering all the safety issues, we amounted A specialized sensor system emit pulses, make the Taxi stops immediately and then the control and maneuvering unit start measuring the right corner and change the direction of the wheels and then move the car ,  with extra feature  of calculating object distances. The system in turns warns the Program by sending an alarm signal to prepare to maneuver around the object. TaxiBot could be provided with an air conditioner Peculiarity, so TaxiBot Can drive you to your desired destination either when the temperature is 50 degrees.


  • Controller: Digi Robotics Navigation System
  • System: Control Panel Touch Screen
  • Dimension: Length*width*height: 5300 * 1450 * 1950 (mm)
  • Max. Driving Speed: 30 Km/h
  • Working Speed: 30 Km/h
  • Weight: Max. Loading Capacity with Passengers 1200 Kg
  • Max. Charging Time:  4 hours
  • Continuous Running Time: 6 to 8 hours (Normal Temperature)
  • Power: 72 V Battery, AC
  • Turning Radius: Minimum Turning Radius 6m.
  • Climbing Ability: <20%
  • Max. Braking distance at a speed of 20Km/h: <4m
  • Capacity of Passengers: 4-6-8 Seats availability.
  • Options: Two Different Models for outdoor and indoor transportations.
  • Cooling System: Fully Air Conditioner System to work outdoor in bad weather conditions.
  • Charging Method: Solar panel sheet for the Outdoor use and Electrical Charging for the Indoor use.

Solutions :

  • BagBot
  • FireBot
  • TaxiBot